COVID-19 ‘Info' from 'KR Martial Arts' *23/3/20 - ALL CLASSES ARE NOW SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE* Online Training is now in place... *July 2020 - 'Outdoor' classes in small groups (with risk assessments) are now also in place*


Statement given 16th March 2020 - I just want to reassure you all that I am monitoring the current situation very closely (as I am sure you are too) and will update you regularly if anything changes - Please see the information below -





I will be acting on any government advice given, and even though we are not classed as ‘mass gatherings’ if this changes I will let you know as soon as possible  - Currently ‘ALL' classes will continue as normal - with a few safety measures in place -





Although I have now sanitised all of my equipment I use in the classes, I will not be bringing anything in for the moment to reduce risk.

(Equipment can still be ordered by you as I have stock of everything, and will pass directly to you)


I also ask that you mark your own licence books for every session you attend, and I will sign it off when things are safer to do so.


I’d like to encourage you all to follow the safety guidelines given and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after training (taking extra care if you have a toilet break) and I will do the same.


I would like to suggest that we 'bow to each other' instead of shaking hands and not do any ‘high fives’ until further notice.


I also politely ask that anyone who has any signs or symptoms to self isolate (as recommended) in order to minimise the spread of infection - Please follow the NHS governement guidelines -


Rest assured If we need to cancel any 'future events' I will give you as much notice as possible.


Thank you for your understanding and support 🙏

Kim Robinson

*Now including* Basic Sign Language skills.....

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7th Dan

The 'Youngest' Female Master to be promoted by UKGT.... 

With 33 years of training.... And over 20 years of teaching!!!

*Also, the 2nd lady 'Master' to have been promoted by UKGT*

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