'Excellent' online sessions from these three - Sparring/Weapons & Theory -

Thank you so much for the variation you've all provided on ZOOM....

'Meet the Pets' week - Fun show and tell with everyone before the ZOOM sessions - Meeting tortoises, baby kittens, bearded dragons, dogs, guniea pigs, fish & much more.... Was lovely to see them all :)

Online sessions are going well during lockdown... Well Done Everyone!! 

Competition time!!! Well done everyone....

The 'FIGHT NIGHT' FINAL total is in... Β£3,050!!!
MIND is sending our official certificate ASAP.
Thank you all. - You're amazing πŸ™

Presentation Eve & XMAS party!!! Fantastic evening.... Congrats to all

Bowling & KFC for the Black Belts/Helpers 'xmas treat'!!!

Kid's XMAS PARTY!!! Great fun.......

My turn to grade..... and I'm happy to say I was promoted to 7th Degree 'Master' this weekend by Grand Master Sahota and his son Master T Sahota. Such a great day and I'm so pleased!!!

Thanks to everyone for your lovely messages and support :)

Another competition.. Well done everyone!!! Lot's of medals won :)


'Amazing' Fight Night at Stalbridge Village Hall raising money for the charity MIND (Mental Health Awareness) SOUL - SDMA - KRMA all came together for a great cause.... Fantastic support from everyone & total amount of MONEY RAISED.... Coming soon.... SOUL took the cup, but we'll be back fighting next year!!!

Training at Bedford under GRAND MASTER SAHOTA..... Great day!!!

'Bring a friend' week was fun....

Thank you to everyone who got involved :)

BEACH Training and BBQ at Sandbanks 

Wimborne 'Outside' Training........

Black Belts training in class showing off their skills!!!

Social Picnic for all students and their families :)

Thanks to all of you for coming & for the fun game of Rounders!!!

Best Presentation Evening yet!!! Great atmosphere and fantastic achievements by everyone...... So proud of all of you!!!

Competition at Poole - Well done everyone!!!

Fire station visit as part of the 999 badge for Team Tigers.... Great Fun!!!

Parents week was a success!!! Thanks for all being good sports :)

BEACH Training!!! Thanks to all of you for coming.....

School Presentation from 2 of our Ferndown students -Jack & Riley

Looks great boys.... Well done!!!

Huge Congratulations to Mr. Donohoo for passing his 5th Degree!!!

So proud of you :) Well done from all of us at KR Martial Arts.......

Easter Workshops!!!! Fun at Poole, Wimborne, Sturminster Newton & Blandford

Amazing competition at Blandford!!! Well done everyone....


Special thanks to Jasmine for the yummy cake......

BB Pre-grading for Mr Donohoo.... and extra training for me!!!

Session by Master Sahota of UKGT in Leiceister.....

Lovely to see some new faces and train in a friendly welcoming atmosphere 

'TAE KWON DO' DAY - Bo staff - Sparring - Black Belt training Nunchucks - Dodgeball - Coloured Belt TKD -


Thanks to everyone for your support, hope you had fun!!!


Half term 'WORKSHOPS' - Fun and games......!!!

Another couple of gradings....... Thank you to all for your help!!!

Bowling fun with the Black Belts that couldn't make the paint balling treat before Xmas!!! Some 'competitive' playing was had by all :)

Thanks to all of you for your support at the Presentation Evening!!! And a 'HUGE' Congrats to all that passed....... "MERRY XMAS to all"

Kid's XMAS PARTY!!! Fun & games once again.... Great Fun for all!!

Black Belt's Xmas Treat from me!!! Paint balling fun for all.......... Thanks again to all of you for your support this year :)

November grading's both a success..... Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Rimmer-Stokes & Mr. Inman for passing at their Black Belt grading too........

Amazing 'TAE KWON DO' Party!!! Lot's of fun at Luke's birthday party.....

His friends were all so good and everyone enjoyed themselves!!!

Thanks to Jasmine for her help, and to Mr. Knight too....


**Happy Birthday to LUKE, hope you have a lovely birthday on Sunday**

Had the best Halloween cake given to me today........

Thank you Alejandro Vera-Moyano (& Mum) Yummy!!!

Another workshop in Blandford....... Fun and games again!!!

Great success at our Competition... Thanks to all for your support!!!

'Thank you' to all of you for making the 'FUNDRAISER' at Sturminster Newton good fun and a success!!! Weldmar Hopsice and Peter & Anya's family will be so pleased with our efforts, well done!!!

The total amount raised was Β£392.50...... Amazing, thank you!!!

A few interesting sessions with a 'special guest'........

Thanks to 'Dino' for taking part and to Mr. Knight ;)

Thanks to all of you who helped at the Blandford Carnival...........

After a very long wait (and walk) we all made it! And even won 3rd place!!!

3rd Workshop in Sturminster Newton..... Thanks to all for a great day!!

More 'workshop' fun.... This time in Wimborne. Thanks to everyone!!

Another couple of successful gradings.... Thanks to all!!!

A handful of students went to a competition in Loughborough at the weekend and had a fantastic time!!! Medals were won.... and they all had a great experience. Special thanks to Mr.Donohoo for supporting all the KRMA students - Billy Hitchcock/Isaac Lewis/Katie Russell/Alex Russell/Jordan Knight/Max Townsend - Also Flynn Budd from SDMA too - Well done all of you!!!! Great Results...........

BLANDFORD WORK SHOP!!! Thanks to all of you for coming 

Nunchucks/bo staff/ball games/sparring/taekwondo...... loads of fun!!! 

Nice chill out with students & their families at 'Upton Country Park' in the sun!!! All enjoyed a few games and a lovely picnic plus plenty of ice cream..... Thanks to all of you for a wonderful day :)

A 'HUGE' Thank you to all the students and parents who helped out at the Sturminster Newton show, Fete on the field at Ferndown & St. Nicholas School's summer fete....... You were all fantastic!!!! 

The Team Tigers were joined by a Kickboxing WORLD Champion and they all got to see his belt he won...... Here they are pictured with him looking very inspired!!!

2018 presentation evening 

Fabulous evening was had by all, thank you so much for coming everyone!!!

                        ***Competition Fun!!!!***

Well done to everyone who took part in the local competition!!! 

Fantastic quality from all of you...... Thank you to all the helpers as well. I couldn't have done it without you all :)



Well done parent's/grandparent's/brother's/sister's etc for joining in for a fun week........ You were all really good sports, thank you!!!


Huge Congratulations to our new Assistant Instructors.........


**Corey Jennings, Max Townsend & Billy Hitchcock**


And to *Jordan Knight* for becoming a Full Instructor for KRMA!!!!

Another couple of 'Fantastic' gradings!!! Thanks to everyone for your help and support plus a massive 'CONGRATULATIONS' to the following for achieving their 'BLACK BELT' grades as well


Alex Russell - 1st Degree

Peter Morawiec - 2nd Degree

Isaac Lewis - 2nd Degree


Also 'Well Done' to Jamie and Jasmine Bell from SDMA.......!!!


Demonstration at Wimborne....... Thanks to all for helping out and special thanks to Ben Harvey who manned the table alllllll day!!! 

KRMA / SDMA First ever competition!!!!


Approximately 70 students entered on Sunday 25th March at Blandford Leisure Centre and collected plenty of medals........ The Team Tigers started us off with a great atmosphere taking part in the high kick / Team Tiger drill & power drill then the juniors and adults followed with the high kick / patterns / sparring / bo staff and nunchucks!! The black belts were the last to compete and after a long (but enjoyable day) they excelled.... Well done everyone!!!


Thank you so much to all of you for your support.

Here are the results followed by a more pictures!!! 


High Kick


Team Tigers - Tiny Tigers

1st - Poppy Errington

Team Tigers - Tigers

1st - Lucy Goodwin

TKD - Tigers

1st - Emily Crompton

TKD - P Wee

1st - Lucy Phenix 

TKD - Light

1st - Caitlin O'Donnell 

TKD - Middle

1st - Kate Seeger

TKD - Heavy

1st - Aidan Charlwood


Team Tiger Drill


Team Tigers - Tiny Tigers

1st - Isabelle Campbell

2nd - Poppy Errington

3rd - Ruby Gibbon

Team Tigers - Tigers

1st - Martin Wellstead

2nd - Holly Lucas

3rd - Edward Dickson


Power Drill


Team Tigers - Tiny Tigers

1st - Evran Chan

2nd - Isabelle Campbell

3rd - Poppy Errington

Team Tigers - Tigers

1st - Lucy Goodwin

2nd - Edward Dickson

3rd - Jacob Morton

TKD - P wee

1st - Joshua De La Haye

2nd - Kamari St Helen

3rd - Harry Thompson

TKD - Light

1st - Freddie Benefer

2nd - Abi Collop

3rd -  Billy Ralls




Bo Staff - JNRS

1st - Fyn Bennett-Seeger

2nd - Lucy Phenix 

3rd - Freddie Benefer

Bo Staff - Adults

1st - Jordan Knight

2nd - Isaac Lewis

3rd - Geoff Collop

Nunchaku - JNRS

1st - Luke Alford 

1st - Freddie Davis

2nd - Flynn Budd 

2nd - Daniel Williams

3rd - Aaron Brenton

3rd - James Squire

Nunchaku - Adults

1st - Kate Seeger

2nd -  Jack James




JNR 1/ JNR 2/ JNR 10th Kup

1st - Callum Green

2nd - Billy Ralls

3rd - Finlay O'Donnell 

9th/8th Kup

1st - Chester Nash

2nd - Caitlin O'Donnell 

3rd - Jackson Green

7th/6th Kup

1st - Matty Plummer 

2nd - Freddie Davis

3rd - Lauren Pitt

5th/4th Kup

1st - Merryn Charters

2nd - Joseph Rocheleau 

3rd - James Squire

3rd/2nd/1st Kup

1st - Flynn Budd 

2nd - Luke Alford 

3rd - Alex Vera-Moyano

Colour Belts - Adults

1st - Ella Horne 

2nd - Geoff Collop

3rd - Mark Ebdon

BB - Males

1st - Isaac Lewis

2nd - Jordan Knight

3rd - Aidan Charlwood

BB - Females

1st - Abi Millard

2nd - Katie Russell




P Wee

1st - Fyn Bennett-Seeger

2nd - Daniel Williams

3rd - Lauren Pitt

1st - Luke Alford 

2nd - Jasmine De La Haye

3rd - Alex Russell


1st - Matty Plummer 

2nd - Joseph Rocheleau 

3rd - Jack James

Colour Belts - Adult Male

1st - Andrew Coombs 

2nd - Mark Ebdon

Colour Belts - Adult Female

1st - Kate Seeger 

2nd - Ella Horne

BB - Males

1st - Billy Hitchcock

2nd - Jordan Knight

3rd - Isaac Lewis

BB - Females

1st - Katie Russell

2nd - Abi Millard


February 2018 **Congratulations to Billy Hitchcock and Will Mills for becoming KR MARTIAL ARTS 'first' black belts!!!** Really pleased for you both.........

Great 'Mixed Session'!!!

A fun, busy day was had by all...... nunchucks/bo staff/patterns/sparring and dodgeball 

all included. Everyone said they had a fantastic time and said it was nice to try something new!! Thanks to all the students and parents for their support :)


Also, special thanks to Eddy, Mr Arthur, Mr Knight, Billy, Mr Lewis, Mr Holehouse and Mr Donohoo for their help


Mrs Robinson

                HALF TERM FUN!!!



        Some pictures of our first 2 February Grading's

Thanks for all the support from students & parents and Chris!

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